Shanghai Evans Investment Management Limited

Helping Swiss start-ups start-up in China

The Swiss government is very supportive of local start-ups in its country and works closely with both universities and industry in this regard. Swissnex is the Swiss Science Consulate, it creates opportunities by sharing its office, hosting out-of-the-box events, connecting thought leaders and offering a global perspective and local expertise. We are pleased to collaborate with Swissnex in helping Swiss start-ups start-up in China.

Pictured above: Pierre Angot is an entrepreneur formerly trained as a data science engineer. He is now focusing on Blockchain and, together with his international associates, runs ProtectorChain, a comprehensive solution for supply chain traceability using blockchain.

Today’s new start-ups are often in areas deemed ‘hi tech’, whether it be healthcare, fintech, IIoT or other areas. In these innovative fields, research and development is critical and is often developed with international teams, even in smaller companies. Thus, for these new industries to thrive, it requires a whole eco-system of industry, university research departments, private equity investors and operating in an international environment.

SEIML is a part of this eco-system in China and is now looking at how it can help foreign start-ups successfully transfer their technology to China and build a successful business here. There are many hurdles from language, protecting IP rights, building a market, etc. The market in China is both very large and very accepting of new ideas; disruption. That is what makes working in this sector in China, at this time, so very interesting.

Pictured above: Café des Sciences is a new format at Swissnex China offering a monthly platform for Swiss Spotlight Scientists and Start-ups to present their projects and connect with the local community.

John D. Evans, CFA

Founder of SEIML

22 March 2019