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Taha Maddam of SEIML awarded CFA charter

I remember September 1987 well, it was when I got notification that I had been awarded the CFA charter (10045). Whether in industry or academia, I always benefited from and used the knowledge and ethics the program instilled within me. I have been an active member of local CFA societies in London and Shanghai and have also entered student teams into the CFA Institute Research Challenge, both in the UK and China. The MSc Investment Management I designed and managed in the UK was one of the first CFA Program Partners in that country and the MSc Investment Management I designed and managed in China was part of the CFA’s University Recognition Program.

Taha graduated with Distinction from the MSc Investment Management at XJTLU in Suzhou and was one of my students at the time. He was also the student in the program that had the most work experience before enrolling. His application stood out in that he had already completed the first two levels of the CFA program, whereas all the other students were preparing to sit Level I. I recall the weeks after his sitting the Level III exam when he was waiting anxiously for his result. Then he got notice he passed the exam – no surprise to me – and then soon after submitted his application to review his work experience and be awarded the charter. In the interim, he joined my new team at SEIML as Manager, Corporate Finance. Then, at just about 5 minutes before midnight last night, China time, he got official notification of being awarded his CFA charter, which he shared with his colleagues.

In September 1987, I was in the investment banking division of UBS helping to develop the EuroCanadian bond market. In September 2017, Taha, myself and our other colleagues are working on a strategic partnership with the Suzhou Equity Exchange to create a new category of foreign issuer in China. There are some striking parallels between what I went through then and what he is starting now. And I have no doubt that Taha will move forward in corporate finance and benefit from his CFA charter and knowledge as much as I did.

John D. Evans CFA