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The Launch of SEIML Ventures

Working for 24 years in the public capital markets and then 12 years as a professor of investment management, I understand the ‘informational issues’ in the world of unlisted companies (start-ups/SMEs) and private capital investors.  SEIML Ventures’ mission is to create a digital marketplace where all participants can find new business partners, customers, suppliers, investors to grow their business more successfully.

Anyone who is in any business knows the importance of marketing.  However, like everything else today, marketing is increasingly becoming digital, and companies need to be maximizing the use of this new technology to more effectively get their company seen in the marketplace.  I have been a relative newcomer to the world of digital marketing but have spent the last year doing in-depth research on it and how it can be effectively used for both general marketing and strategic selling.

Information (data) is critical for business success

There are a lot of information inefficiencies in the market today.  Unlisted companies prepare very little information to put in the public domain.  There are also other barriers that prevent foreign companies becoming knowledgeable on China and for Chinese SMEs to become knowledgeable about business going on outside.  Lastly, people experienced in both the technology of digital marketing and an understanding of business strategy and marketing are not large in number and can be too expensive for an SME to hire full-time.

Our Offering

As a digital platform for start-ups, SMEs, VC funds and others, it serves two purposes:

  • it is a digital marketing platform on both a B2B and B2C basis for your company
  • it is a B2B business development platform for your company that can be combined with in-depth research

This digital platform as a logical extension of the consulting business of SEIML, which focuses on start-ups and SMEs and the investment and service companies that support this sector.

We will offer two levels of engagement with companies. The first will be a completely free offering allowing entities an initial interview and then one new one each calendar quarter. The second will be a bespoke ‘outsourced digital marketing service’ for companies that will be on a charged basis.  I combine in-depth market research with this effort as I have online access to many industry and company databases.

In the first stage, it will be on international social media and in English.  Over the remainder of the year, we will proceed with the second stage and look to develop a domestic, Mandarin digital marketing presence using domestic Chinese social media for launch in 2022.

The future of information is digital.


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