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NHG: Is COVID19 coming back?

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This is another in the regular series with Dr Francois Fong of Neo-Health Group in Hong Kong, which deals with issues related to sexual health and general health matters as well.  We hope it will contribute to public education about health and help viewers, both women and men, learn about prevention and treatment for the benefit of their own health.  Today we revisit COVID19 and evaluate its current state.

Script of Interview

Interviewee                                       Dr. Francois Fong (FF)

Position                                             Founder & CEO

Company name                               Neo-Health Group (‘Neo-Health’)

Company website                 

Interviewer                                       John D. Evans, CFA (JE)

Interview conducted on                 20 May 2023

Talking Points

Preamble:  Based on statistics provided by the WHO, for South East Asia, there were 82,342 confirmed cases of COVID19 an increase of 20% on the week. [1]  It seemed to taper off after that week but more recently we are seeing new cases reported in Hong Kong, Shanghai and elsewhere.  So, where do we stand?

  1. Let us focus on Hong Kong. What is the situation there in terms of confirmed cases and the recent trend?
  2. Is the current virus the same Omicron variant that we had last year?
  3. What precautions (if any) should we take in our daily routine?
  4. What medication is generally available in Hong Kong to protect against COVID19? Can this be bought without prescription and kept on hand ‘just in case’?  What is the normal shelf life for this medication and does it need special storage?  What is the current price for a package?