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NHG: Revisiting HPV & Gardasil 9

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Welcome to this regular series with Dr Francois Fong of Neo-Health Group in Hong Kong, which deals with issues related to sexual health.  We hope it will contribute to public education about sexual health and help viewers, both women and men, learn about prevention and treatment for the benefit of their own health.

Today’s topic is an update on human papillomavirus (HPV) and Gardasil 9.

Script of Interview

Interviewee                                      Dr. Francois Fong (FF)

Position                                             Founder & CEO

Company name                               Neo-Health Group (‘Neo-Health’)

Company website                 

Interviewer                                       John D. Evans, CFA (JE)

Interview conducted on                4 March 2023

Talking Points

  1. Provide us with some background on human papillomavirus (HPV). Who does it inflict (men, women, young, old)?  What are the medical consequences of having HPV?  Is it possible to treat or ‘cure’ people with HPV?
  2. What is the current trend of HPV? Is it being eradicated, is it a growing disease, etc.?  Are the trends the same or different in Asia?
  3. How does one get tested for HPV, whether a man or woman?
  4. If there an effective vaccine or treatment for HPV?
  5. Who should get Gardasil 9 (age, sex, etc.)? Is it generally available either through public or private healthcare?
  6. What does NHG do to support the fight to control and/or eradicate HPV?