Shanghai Evans Investment Management Limited

We are the bridge to help you list on-exchange and raise capital in China.

We are at a unique point in history. China, the world’s second largest economy, continues to open to foreign investors and the opportunities in this vast market are virtually boundless. There are also specialised industry sectors being targeted by the Chinese government in Bio-tech, Artificial Intelligence and many other hi-tech and innovative industries where western companies have expertise that is highly in demand. Also important is the fact that since January 2017, foreign company subsidiaries in China can list on-exchange and raise capital without a domestic partner. This allows one to fund their business or other investment locally, no need to input capital from head office, which might be difficult to repatriate.

But to raise capital in China can appear to be daunting at first glance. Cultural, regulatory and language issues can create real barriers to listing on-exchange or raising capital from local investors. This is where Shanghai Evans Investment Management Limited (SEIML) comes in – we are the bridge to help you list on-exchange and finance your business in China. We provide you with the regulatory and cultural know-how, staff who can bridge the language gap and, importantly, many years of business and financial experience in both China and international markets.

It is our belief that SEIML is the only foreign-owned entity in China to be granted authority as a Listing Sponsor on an exchange in China and it is thanks to the vision and open-mind of the SEE that this unique partnership has been created to help advance the domestic capital markets in China.