Shanghai Evans Investment Management Limited

SEIML and its partners can assist foreign and domestic start-ups, SMEs and corporates in all aspects of market research, company set-up, business management and capital raising.

Our mission is to help our clients successfully grow and manage their business in China over the long-term.

SEIML is making a significant contribution to building a strong ecosystem for companies starting-up in China.  This could be ‘pure start-ups’ that are looking to register a business for the first time, or they could be foreign firms with a proven track record elsewhere which are, now, trying to replicate that success in China. Either directly, or through one of our partners in our eco-system, we provide an array of services to help any aspect of your business.

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By providing ongoing consulting in a retained relationship, we help clients develop the essential management and operational processes needed to develop successfully to the next stage.

Start-up companies grow and change very quickly.  They are typically run by experts in their field of technology or industry.  However, in their formative period, they may lack the general business, management and administrative resources (as detailed in the above link) that every company must develop or acquire to be successful.

Devised in our training module, we have created a four-stage growth model for new companies (from ‘start-up to exit’, as we call it). 

Start-up companies need to develop many management and operational capabilities in a short period of time.  These capabilities are essential if the company is to be successful over the longer term.  But the company principals also have to develop the product and service, generate revenue and, also, may not have business management experience.  SEIML is here to provide you with all of this general business and management resources so you can focus on your core competence.

Our fees are also progressive as we know early stage companies do not have a lot of cash, though clearly need guidance and oversight.

Four-stage growth model for new companies
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Effective materials for an investor presentation is essential even when your company is operating well. SEIML principals have many decades of financial markets experience in corporate finance and investment strategy.

Raising capital is important for early stage companies and we assist here as part of our portfolio of consulting services.  In addition to finding appropriate strategic investors, we work to help you create the most effective investor presentations and valuations.  This both helps you get the best value for your offering but also gives confidence to the private equity investor that the information package and valuation has been professionally and soundly done.  Of course, capital raising is more than just numbers; showing investors how we have built with you a solid management and operational structure is also very important to gain investor confidence.

As a form of public service, we also provide education and training to the general public and to industry.  Please refer to the page Education Series in this regard.