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NHG: IVF & Surrogacy

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This is another in the regular series with Dr Francois Fong of Neo-Health Group in Hong Kong, which deals with issues related to sexual health.  We hope it will contribute to public education about sexual health and help viewers, both women and men, learn about prevention and treatment for the benefit of their own health.  Today we look again at In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and the role surrogacy can play in it.

Script of Interview

Interviewee                                      Dr. Francois Fong (FF)

Position                                             Founder & CEO

Company name                               Neo-Health Group (‘Neo-Health’)

Company website                 

Interviewer                                       John D. Evans, CFA (JE)

Interview conducted on                18 March 2023

Talking Points

Preamble:  “A surrogate, sometimes also called a gestational carrier, is a woman who conceives, carries and gives birth to a child for another person or couple (intended parent/s). The surrogate agrees to give the child to that person or couple after the birth.” [1]

  1. Explain to us what the various reasons for considering a surrogacy arrangement are.
  2. What things are there to consider before entering a surrogacy arrangement?
  3. What are the key factors for a successful surrogacy arrangement?
  4. Are there medical risks associated with surrogacy?
  5. You provide free consultations for persons considering IVF. How would someone make an appointment with you if interested to talk about IVF?